Favorite Patent: Systems and methods for notifying law enforcement officers of armed intruder situations

Its sad that all that is happening, we need to revise our protocols and system to protect our children and our officers, great inventions come and go, for all School, Government and Law Enforcement Agencies looking for new ways to protect our children take a look in US Patent 9,905,117B2.



A computer-implemented method executed by one or more computer servers includes receiving a notification from a communication device, determining whether one or more other communication devices are within a stationary geofence, and in response to the notification, sending an emergency alert to the other communication devices determined to be within the stationary geofence. The computer-implemented method may further include receiving an acknowledgement of the emergency alert from at least one of the other communication devices determined to be within the stationary geofence and/or sending data indicating an approximate location of the communication device and an associated tolerance of the approximate location. Other example computer-implemented methods, communication devices including software applications, and systems are also disclosed.

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