Hauppauge WinTV-DualHD Dual USB 2.0 HD TV Tuner for Windows PC 1595

We know internet will be here forever, right?, but what is you idea of freedom when you go camping and and you don’t have access to the internet, what if you could connect your computer to a regular HD TV antenna and capture any TV signal (yes regular TV signal still broadcasted today), yes if you a have tower pc you can buy a internal tunner card, but I dont have a tower, for the last couple years, I only use laptops, well, this is the perfect USB accessory to keep in your travel bag or go bag, if you a always preparing, in case something hit the fan…

And there are lots of savings, if you currently paying for a DVR services, lets say $10 per month, that will equal to $120 per year and $600 over five year, this tool will cost you $69.57 plus shipping (free shipping if you have Prime Membership) your hard drive become your hard drive, and yes someone could argue that nowadays most of the shows are available on the web, but the key point is what if there is no Internet? Also if you are a corporate person, any decent company will have a Network Engineer will be monitoring the web traffic to your computer, and sooner or later you will be flag and maybe subject to termination for bad use of your time etc.

So why become a target for a 20 something year old IT person if you can easily record your favorite shows, and play it back from your hardrive, with nobody noticing any suspicious network traffic, and besides that you are saving $120 bucks every year. This model comes with a small portable antenna, I found it a little delicate so I brought another antenna so now I keep one at home and one at work.

Believe the IT staff knows. USB TV antenna cost $69.57, being invisible to the IT Department of your big corporation job PRICELESS.


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