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Posted by on Feb 5, 2017 in Movies | 0 comments

Hidden Figures – What a movie

What a great movie, if you have not seen that movie Hidden Figures, SPOILER ALERT, its a fresh story, I am living in America for 25 years, and seen lots of stories about the racial problem in America, but for the first time it clicked, the story is well designed, and flow easily. This was my second  Theodore Melfi movie and he is good, again the flow of the story is amazing, Taraji P. Henson is giving an amazing performance. Kevin Costner is rocking, this is what a movie experience should be, you will not feel the time passing because is flow is so well designed. Take your family, good date night moview, you will  really enjoy the story.

Hidden Figures

In 1961, mathematician Katherine Goble works at the segregated West Area Computers division of Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia alongside her colleagues, aspiring engineer Mary Jackson and informal supervisor Dorothy Vaughan.

Following a successful Russian satellite launch, Al Harrison, the director of the Space Task Group, is pressured by his superiors to double his efforts to send American astronauts into space, and Katherine is assigned to assist them by her supervisor Vivian Mitchell, becoming the first African-American woman in the team. Katherine is told what to wear, including not to wear any kind of jewelry, aside from pearls, though Katherine reveals she doesn’t own any.

Katherine’s presence is initially dismissed by her colleagues and she is forced to work under belligerent head engineer Paul Stafford. Dorothy’s request to be officially promoted to supervisor is rejected by Vivian. Mary identifies a flaw in the experimental space capsule’s heat shields, encouraging her to more assertively pursue an engineering degree.

At a barbecue, Katherine meets United States Army officer Jim Johnson and they are attracted to each other, but Katherine is disappointed when he voices skepticism at the mathematical abilities of women. Harrison later invites his subordinates to solve a complex mathematical equation, and Katherine steps forward, leaving him impressed. The Mercury 7 astronauts visit Langley and astronaut John Glenn is cordial to the West Area Computers employees.

Over time, Katherine becomes better acquainted with her colleagues. Harrison becomes upset when Katherine is not at her desk and she explains that there are no colored bathrooms in the building so she has to use a bathroom in another building. Harrison knocks down the Colored Bathroom sign and abolishes bathroom segregation and, despite Stafford’s objections, allows Katherine to be included in their meetings, in which she creates an elaborate equation to guide the space capsule into a safe re-entry. Despite this, Katherine is forced to remove her name from all the reports, which are credited solely to Stafford. Meanwhile, Mary goes to court and convinces the judge to grant her permission to attend night classes in an all-white school to obtain her engineering degree.

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