how to trademark a name

How to trademark a name for your business and protect against theft?
Before, you initiate the trademark of a name, slogan, logo or design of your company, it is essential to have knowledge about how to trademark a name. It is the trademark name that plays the vital role in exhibiting the original identity or the image of your company’s products and services. One of the essential features, is to maintain an entirely unique name from another organization. In fact, it shouldn’t be similar to the phonetics or sound of other trade names registered.
Trademarking a name and considering the important aspects
The most effective and easiest way of guarding your trademark, whether it is a logo, sign, slogan, graphics or a word, is by registering with the Tademark Registry Office. It is the registration that can help you to protect your recognition and the investment associated with the trademark. While applying for the trademark registration, consider the following aspects.
• What is the trademark version you should apply for?
• What should you file for- a work mark, a logo or both?
• Should the logo be filled with colors?
• Should you include the slogans?
• How will you word the description of the products and services of your business?
Once you have answers to the above mentioned questions, your queries related to how to trademark a name becomes even clearer.
Seeking the help of an experienced trademark specialist is an added advantage
If you believe that the trademark application is all about filling the simple form, you are absolutely wrong. You need to consider certain important issues that are vital in answering how to trademark a name and its significance. Thus, an experienced and professional trademark attorney can help you to add value and also save you from wasting money in the long run.
What are the steps involved in trademarking a name?
• The very first step involves a comprehensive trademark search to ensure that your trade name is distinct from all others.
• Secondly, you have to submit the trademark registration application, with your name, contact details and the list of products and services to be trademarked.
• In the third step, it involves the examination, where an official will take some time to evaluate your trade name and find out whether it is suitable for the registration or not.
• Once, the official examiner has no obligation with your trademark name, it will be published in the Official Journal.
• The final step of how to trademark a name is your registration process. In case, there is no opposition to your trademark name, you will receive the confirmation of registration. In order to acquire the official registry, you will have to pay a certain amount of fees by a specific time frame.

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