Looking for Unicorns

1a: a mythical, usually white animal generally depicted with the body and head of a horse with long flowing mane and tail and a single often spiraled horn in the middle of the forehead;

b: an animal mentioned in the Bible that is usually considered an aurochs, a one-horned rhinoceros, or an antelope;

2: something unusual, rare, or unique;

3: business : a start-up that is valued at one billion dollars or more;

How many times have you found one and lost? You had perfect job, but for reason that now look super stupid, you let go. Maybe you had the perfect relationship or marriage, and for the same stupid reason you let it go, that is what they called this jobs and relationships unicorns, they are magical and once they are gone they will leave a void behind. Next time you are considering leaving the job or breaking the relationship consider if this could be a unicorn.

Yes they are rare, yes they are amazing, but sadly you may only find out after, so lets consider a unicorn check list before the next time you start thinking about leaving the perfect job or break the perfect relationship, ask yourself why am I leaving this situation, I am doing it just because I am bored, reacting to something that 5 years in the future would not be enough reason to leave the perfect job or break the perfect relationship.

Everyone has faults, nobody is 100% perfect and no job is complete, question yourself before making that move, this can save you lots of pain and grief in the future. The great news about unicorns is that they may come back to visit you again. And this second time around when you land the perfect job or start a new perfect relationship. If it a job, watch for office gossip, bosses will wake up in bad mood from time to time and that is normal, become an entrepreneur if you can not deal with that, get a real estate license at night school, don’t tell anyone in the office, and start working the Saturdays, job Fiverr and start making some good side money, there are always great ways to start a secondary income, and protecting the perfect job you have, once you have 3-5 times you yearly salary saved, maybe you can consider leaving that perfect job, but until then, remember you have a unicorn job, nurture, make it grow.

Same applies to relationships, without the 3-5 partners on the side, everyone will not be in the mood from time to time, some wives/husbands like to criticize a lot or they know everything, just smile count to 10 and move on. Never to go to bed angry with your spouse, life is very short, and one day you may wake up alone missing that perfect Unicorn relationship.

Note this is not about regret, we cant change the past and is not healthy to keep thinking about, my point is for you to be aware where are you now, and note that you have an unicorn job, and an unicorn relationship smile look up to Heavens and say Thank You and enjoy another amazing dinner together after a great day at work.

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