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Posted by on May 28, 2015 in Intellectual Properties, Services | 0 comments

Services: Intellectual Properties

Intellectual Property Services for Business Owners and Inventors

The best place to get education about what is involved in the trademark and patent process would be here at the USPTO (not affiliated).

After watching the video and reading this is what I can do for you: Services: Intellectual Properties.

Trademarks Services

File a trademark for you, I am not an attorney and will not be able to represent you, and follow up the prosecution until issues, if your trademark application gets attacked (office action) I can fight back for an easy attack (procedural) and medium (request for more info) if the attack is hard (likelyhood of confusion) I can recommend attorney and from experience in some likelyhood attacks some attorneys will recommend dropping the mark.

A trademark search will help avoid most of the hard attacks.

Patent Services

President Clinton started and President Obama made possible now United States are first to file country like the rest of the world, (everything shown in the movie “Flash of Genius” (affiliate link), still fun, if you are an inventor, but applies to the old law, first to invent”), so now the Provisional Patent Application (PPA) which was once bashed by several attorney’s now is recommended as the starting point to claim a filing date, remember the PPA will not be checked for anything, but you can legally claim “patent pending” after you file for a PPA, and that “patent pending” status will last one year, at the end of that period you will need to file a regular patent know as Utility.

Keep in mind some of the large companies I checked that accept outside submission of ideas are still requiring “granted patent status” meaning you filed an Utility Patent and the USPTO agreed you should have it. Our intellectual properties services are offered at a lower cost.

Request a quote anytime at, and you are planning to build a large intellectual property portfolio, 5 trademarks or more, ask about buy one get one, (you still pay all USPTO fees) but you can get a huge discount on the services.



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